Monday, August 6, 2012

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Always the Bridesmaid Bronwyn, Already August!

Tuesday 07 August 2012

Always the Bridesmad, Bronwyn.
It’s already August and I have yet another wedding to attend this weekend! Despite the drag of another wedding I am actually very excited about this one smile This wedding will be hosted at the intimate and elegant Private Rooftop at Petit Ermitage so the guests are sure to be in for a treat.
To add to the ‘Chic’ ness of this event, the Scottish bride and groom have hired the most fabulous Scottish Piper. The one and only, most handsome and dependable Pipe Major Lorne Cousin. Perhaps as Chief Bridesmaid I may get lucky with a Major. Nothing like a man in a kilt to get the bridesmaids going. There are some advantages to being a bridesmaid after all……….
‘Always the Bridesmaid Bronwyn’, August 6, 2012